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Help us stop Obama's nonsense!

Obama is damaging our country,
ruining our health care,
harming our economy,
rewarding union bosses,
bungling foreign policy
and driving the country deeper in debt.

Where will it end?
Stop Obama's Policies is a working committee of the USA Public Affairs Committee, a non-profit political organization governed under Internal Revenue Code section 527. To learn more about us and 527 Committees, please go to

We are you - conservatives and some libertarians, mostly Republicans or independents, plus disgusted Democrats. We are small business owners, investors, parents, grandparents and other typical Americans from across the USA.

We are concerned that Obama and the leadership in the White House and Congress have promoted a far left agenda that will bankrupt the country, leave our children and grandchildren with the bill, and foster a generation of people who are addicted to welfare and public assistance.

The issues promoted by Obama and the Democratic leadership are dividing us into those who want more public spending and those who must pay the taxes to support the new spending initiatives.

The tactic they use is to claim that anyone who does not agree with them is intolerant. That's untrue and unprincipled.

Let's see what he reads today
I will contribute to your work. Please take me to a secure server.


I will join the millions of Americans who will stop liberal nonsense in 2014!

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